Gyulavári Castle was built in the first half of the 19th century: the exhibits in its visitor centre provide insight into the cultural and natural heritage, as well as the folklore of the southern Great Plains of Hungary. The intention of the exhibit creators was to present this wealth of information about a former residence of aristocrats in a new and innovative way.

The exhibition focuses on three themes: local traditions, culture and sustainable development. The concept is to show the ways in which traditions define culture and how fundamental culture is for future generations. The folklore collection illustrates how different ethnic groups lived together peacefully in the southern part of the Great Plains region. Fine arts play a prominent role in the section focusing on contemporary culture.

Other forms of art are also represented in the events organised in the castle. The sustainable development component showcases the natural treasures of the region and raises awareness about the importance of organic farming. The first Hungarian organic brewery, which opened in 2019, is in Gyulavári Castle.


  • organising activities for pre-school and student groups

  • providing a venue for temporary exhibitions
  • organising conferences, school reunions, training courses, and cultural events
  • organising weddings and baptisms in the ecumenical chapel
  • organising ecotours.

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